Indian surgical strike on terror launch pads is an answer to Uri attack!

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19 Oct, 2016
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Proud to be an Indian. In spite of multi-culture, we Indians are peace loving people. Time and again terrorist and extremist groups of Pakistan crossing our border and conducting series of strikes like Taj in Mumbai, Delhi serial bomb blast, attack on Indian Parliament and many more terror strikes have tested our patience. Now again heavily armed militants on 18 September 2016 strike on Army Camp in Uri is one of traumatic attack, claiming lives of 19 Indian Army Soldiers.

As an Indian I felt there should be some sort of reply for such terror attack, while the whole world watches it. I personally welcome this surgical strike in the wake of increasing infiltration’s. We have to protect our people, city, state and country. How can some body come into our country and carry out such terrorist activities, knowing the objectives of such terrorist group and locations, such surgical strikes was considered the best option to deal with the threat.

Yes! Surgical strike on terror launch pads was the best possible reply.

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