God created the whole universe – What is your Take?

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11 Jul, 2017
God created whole universe
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Many people struggle with the notion that universe was either self created or god created? For those who believed life evolved on earth see it as a virtual fact – it’s a revolutionary belief. Some are impressed that god made the galaxy. The entire universe including billions of stars are made by god- at the same time few people feel they are just the simple structures as they are great big balls of gas. For some call it a miracle.

Humans struggle with vastness, time, space dimensions within which we all exist. Universe is huge, big and how long would it take for any of us to travel there. What was before universe? How do we imagine god? Didn’t the time begin with the creation of physical universe? Is there something beyond god? We all believe in faith so should we equally believe that god created the whole universe.

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Wasn’t the universe formed due to the inevitable law of gravity? Because of the law of gravity the universe was created itself from nothing. The Big bang happened rather than the intervention of divine. Theories show that creator is not necessary. Of course there can me some spontaneous creations too.

We all human beings ourselves have come with collections of facts on fundamental particles of the planet we all are close to the understanding of laws. On the other side we all believe to stick to literal ancient religious guidance. If we all believe in stories then we should also believe in evident laws of physics.

If we all believe that god created the universe let’s say god has created them just by creating laws of physics. Even in the Genesis story creation, even if it’s an actual word of god, the accurate description would have been impossible to understand.Off course few of us are confused nonetheless we don’t worry about it – each one of us have different understandings, beliefs and ideas.

Stephen Hawking says “If we discover a complete theory, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason – for then we should know the mind of God.”

God created the whole universe - agree or disagree

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