Entering Politics should have cap on qualification yes or No?

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19 May, 2017
Education necessary for a politician
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Entering Politics should have cap on qualification. It is shocking to see that many politicians have failed to shine in their academics. On the other hand some politicians have marked success irrespective of their educational qualification.

Today we have hell lots of political parties and government introducing schemes and policies while most of them are inefficient- is it because of uneducated corrupt politicians? Who have no idea on people’s need and systems? Well! Will the nation be proficient only under educated leaders? Among all these- One thought that trigger is should politicians be educated or not?

Future of India resist in the hands of politicians. The democratic form of government runs through these political parties who moderate between people and government. These politicians have major role to abide and deal with people’s needs and requirements.

So will education help them posses’ skill to manage countries economy, trades, law making and understand the flaws of our country, will degree provide all it or just commonsense?

It’s been 60+ years ahead of independence, politics isn’t a problem education seems like problematic. So let’s discuss on why and why education is and isn’t necessary.

While much of leadership attributes are seeked through education for a leader to understand the protocols and necessity of the nation, education is a best option, on the other hand leaders also require maturity, field experience and ability to understand people’s requirement isn’t this quality important over education.

However these politicians are guided under IAS officers, so in this case is education mandate. Well there are many schemes, policies and strategies are they made only through educated politicians.

Apart from all this don’t we require a politician having good leadership qualities and a genuine personality that is all enough rather than education? Isn’t knowledge and dedication more important than a degree, anyone can get a degree just by paying some amount in today’s world!

For say there are many under education politicians in India they have served citizens far better than other qualified individuals. For example: Uma Bharti who is called firebrand political leader serving as Water Resources development minister, Ashok Gajapathi Raju serving as civil aviation minister, Maneka Gandhi serving as Women and Child Development, Smriti Zubin Irani serving as Human Resource Development.

Also, late former CM of Tamil Nadu- J Jayalaitha isn’t highly qualified, but she was the mother of many welfare schemes in Tamil Nadu.

To conclude – For a politician education is not so important to value things better, one should have the ability to understand the ground reality of citizens requirements that is far better than being educated or not.

Education necessary for a politician yes or no?

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