How effective are grading systems in schools – Should there be a new system in place?

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11 Jul, 2017
Grading System in Schools
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There’s a drastic change in assessing the student’s ability.The process of advancement is raising high at schools. Schools today are focusing on advanced facilities. The grading system has become a common way to assess the student’s performance. How can institutions assist student’s performance by grades alone?

Before the replacement of marks student’s performance was evaluated by grand total. In order to indicate pass or fail schools have many types of grading system starting from 0 grade to A. This kind of standard based grading systems are incorporated everywher. Many institutions have implemented the grading system according to their needs and desires.

People equally agree and disagree with the grading concept. Some feel grading system enable students to perform better compared to numbers. On the other side, it’s just the way that allows them to realize their future. At the same time, it’s stressful for students to study for the sake of grades. In this case student’s concentrate more on grades rather than developing skills and knowledge.

Under the practice of grading system students develop fear, competition. They are pressurized to work on grades instead of a field of interest. Grades are self-evaluators helping teachers and parents to know about the child’s learning abilities. Out of all this education should help students to stumble on their passion and motivation.

Grading system doesn’t allow the child to think out of the box nor provide them an opportunity to develop their thinking power.The idea of getting them involved with the intellectual speculations is difficult. The child’s grasping and reciprocating ability can be disturbed by the grading system.

It’s always important to grade a student based on how hardworking and deserving they are.The grading system is totally messed up by likes and dislike concepts. Students are kind of motivated for the effects they put in through grades at the same time they are stressful. Grading can lower their self-confidence.

On the other hand grading as both advantages and disadvantages equally- rather than abolishing grading system parents and teachers should teach students that grades and marks are not everything in life. It’s effect that is shown in order to achieve better.

Should the grading system exist?

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