Are Politicians making services or benefits from the Educational Institutes?

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22 May, 2017
Benefits from Educational Institutes
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Building a prosperous society in one way penetrated through educational institutes. Unfortunately many politician and others promote education with the purpose of making money. Likewise just like some ill effects of privatization on education.

A complex grievance about politicians running an institution is using their influence to favor seats, caste, political ideologies, seeking more visibility, votes, hikes etc. Yes! It’s very natural for politicians to venture an educational institutes to fulfill the nation’s goal of providing best education to all the youths and children in India.

Infact politician is familiar with the educational problems at the grass root level. It’s their duty to fulfill this aspiration and off course few are doing it. But the complain here is they are used for commercial purposes on the other side.

Undoubtedly every parent in India wants their children to get quality education. But bribery, corruption, hate redness, political intentions runs through all these elements how good is this for youths- are they worth the practice or fall as victims on this.

Off course to meet all the political agendas some political organizations use students and these educational institutes to develop, protect political ideologies, political aspects all projected on the support side of the institution.

Ruckus or crisis everything and anything is linked to politics either by politician themselves, media or people. The expanding capacity of the political parties and politicians are created by involving the students. In this case how well are the students receiving the ideal societal values?

But there are some like Shivakumara Swamiji founder of Sri Siddaganga Education Society. He has established educational institutions which offer courses in traditional learning of Sanskrit as well as modern science and technology. He is widely respected for his philanthropic work by all communities. He continues his humanitarian work at the age of 110. He is also known as “Nadedaduva Devaru” (Walking God) in Karnataka. Infact some institutions are transforming state in providing quality education and value.

Against all this many engineering, medical, business colleges are managed by politicians with their fundraising capacity and through government provisions. Most of these colleges enjoy reputation, quality based education ex- VIT- established by G. Viswanathan (Tamil nadu’s state legislative member).

The other side of the fact is: With the increased awareness among the students and through media- it’s also hard for politicians to get actively involved in monitoring these institutions one is that they lack time, other is their academic standards nevertheless they further still vest their interest on education.

However if the public supports and deregulate this educational sector that are bad enough is all good, to ease the strong hold of politicians on education and the competition.

However, the final call is, there is no ways of taking away politicians from educational institution. Given their duty under the service sector education sector needs all the help. If these are regulated in the most systematic manner without much of political means and ideas they can cater better education.


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