What You Eat Can Affect Mental Health, Physical health?

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28 Nov, 2017
what you eat can affect health
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You have heard about eating healthy to reduce the risk of diabetics, blood pressure and certain cancer, but what about mental health? There are dietary that can boost the cognitive function and reduce the symptoms of depression and other mental health disorders. Here are some essential tips for good health


Food acts as the source of power for body and mental health. You need to eat healthy for better mental and physical health. In order to maintain good mental health – Consume lots of omega 3 fatty acids such as fish, seaweed; chicken fed on walnuts this can reduce the symptoms of of schizophrenia, depression, and other mental disorders.

This is because omega-3s produces neurotransmitters (responsible brain chemicals moods), including dopamine and serotonin. Apart from this omega-3s also boost learning abilities and memory. High saturated fats have negative effects on brain. Our brain can’t manufacture essential fatty acids we have to rely on these omega3s to meet the daily needs.

Whole grain carbohydrates exacerbate low mood by creating hike in blood sugar and have an effect on the brain similar to drugs and abuse. Glucose is the primary source of energy for the brain. Healthy source of carbohydrates acts has a fuel for the brain and body. Complex carbohydrates include wheat, oats, barley, beans, and soy.

Protein is the main substances used to make neurotransmitters and other chemicals that allow nervous system to communicate effectively with our body. The amino acid tryptophan helps to build a block of protein, that influences mood.

Lean on protein sources like eggs, beans, fish in balances levels. It kind of reduces the symptoms of depression and anxiety by improving the overall cognitive functioning.

Green leafs: Deficiencies in vitamin B is linked to higher rates of depression and insomnia. Eating lots of greens like spinach, turnip, and broccoli can help a lot. It keeps you healthy physically and mentally.


Your level of performance, speed, strength is all powered by the food you eat. What you eat determines your daily activities. Eating healthy enables you to execute well. A poor diet can make you more weak, stressful and inactive.

If you prefer eating healthy eat carbohydrates, whole grains, fruits, and vegetable this spikes the energy. A diet filled with saturated fats and fried foods can risk your health and physical well being.

Add lots of vitamin C, E for the diet. Vitamin c & E consists of high antioxidants which are good for your skin. Antioxidant helps to prevent cell damage which is associated with cancer.

Fruits, whole grains, and vegetable are the great sources of fiber it helps to regulate blood sugar levels and prevents cancers like colon cancer.

Try eating organic food it has lots of benefits and nonetheless they are chemical free. Fruits, vegetables, and meat benefit the most from organic food with lots of health benefits. Don’t forget omega3 and omega6 fatty acids they are essential fats that our body needs but cannot produce. These essential fats help to build cells and keep your brain and nervous system healthy.

Overall nutrition plays an important role both in the mental and physical well being. We humans eat to live or live to eat-Whatever it is eating good food can improve mental and physical health.


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