How to deal with uncertainty in life?

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12 Dec, 2017
How to deal with uncertainty in life?
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At times we don’t know where to go, what to do? What job to do? This form of Uncertainty is part of our life. Say, it’s a clash between the mind, heart, and situation. It’s overwhelming and hard to figure out priorities over passion. Say you want to travel the world but you’re uncertain on how to deal with the travel life.

Being uncertain doesn’t mean you are lost, it simply means that you are living. At times uncertainty is consuming you. The trick is not to be lost in uncertainty. Deal with life on day to day basis, handle what you can and how you can and rest will work itself in no time.

Dealing with uncertainty is easier than said and done, but there few ways to cope up when things get tough:

Start planning and stop expecting

When you start expecting you are set to get disappointed. Of course, you know what you want, but there is a control over tomorrow and situations, it makes you up only to knock down. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set goals but you need to plan for the possible outcome.

Rather than expecting a perfect or quick outcome expecting something specific is worth. Just focus on what you are going do and make it happen. Remember alternatives and specific clarity is the best solution. Hope for the best, do everything possible to achieve the desired outcome, but keep in mind things change and change is for the best.

Be Specific Focus on things within your control

You might not be able to control everything; there are certain things that can be controlled. For instance say your attitude: stay focused, stay positive and keep moving with a good mindset. We can’t change some situations in an instant, it takes some time. The sooner you realize the situation more you can focus.

This is applicable if you can’t change it learn to accept things. Say for example you hate your job. You are uncertain about the career path, you feel this job is getting you nowhere. You also know changing jobs is not an option. If you can’t simply walk out, then stop comparing, stop complaining and give the best.

Focus on things you like, keep in mind tomorrow have a lot of control over something. All you have to do is live today in the way that tomorrow is in a positive light. How much ever positive you are life takes strange turns and you can’t change it. Accept the unexpected and focus it means doing part of the best.

Learn to balance

Anxiety, emotions take a toll on your mind. It can wear you down faster if you don’t let go. Find the best alternative and techniques to manage uncertainty. Plan, rethink, rebuild your strategies. Talk to people, read books these are quick things to clam you down. Look at things from different angel and change the perspective. When you slow down you often find things easy. You find clarity it won’t be as bad as it seemed before.

Don’t you feel everything has a certain disclaimer? Instead of making things complicated learn to manage uncertainty. Yes, its complicated situations are different nonetheless, it’s a matter of making things easy. Everything you deal might not be complicated to others. How you consider things matters. It’s a phase of a clash between mind and situations. It’s all about handling the situation with focused alternatives.

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