Which child has successful carrier Rich parents Poor parents?

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18 May, 2017
Rich Parents or Poor Parents
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Everybody knows there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. Which child has successful carrier Rich parents Poor parents? This is specifically the main agenda listed under political parties to reform, unfortunately there is no progress.

The Rich, poor gap in India even still exists, it exists in almost all the field including education, income, food, lifestyle and so on.

Be it the rich or poor every parent want their kids do well in school, life and achieve something remarkable as adults. But how much is a poor kid getting to do this? While they are suffering to get a proper meal a day, education, clothes and carrier seems to be a dream. Many of these poor kids lack basic requirements while rich people don’t.

Every rich kid can access on anything and everything compared to poor. Infact there is a great difference on the whole thing in their life. With all the comforts and affordability success seems to follow the rich easily. With all these aspects will the poor kids take over the rich on carrier?

Usually rich parents allow their kids to take over the business if not help them invest and run a company of their own. But maximum a poor parent can do is to get them on daily wages. Or depend on the government initiatives which are yet to get progressive. This is the real gap between both the parents on affordability.

Well off course, it all depends on upbringing, most of the wealthy parent tend to spoil their kids with lavish gifts like toys, clothes and gadgets as they grow up it would be expensive bikes and cars, it may or may not be in all cases, where are in case of poor parent they have to work hard and it takes months or years to plan for occasions or festivals to give good gifts or better clothes to their children.

From both the prospective carrier is equally important to make a living. But there is a drastic disparity. We are exactly at the situation where wealthy parents are able to spend on several dollars on college education were as poor parent is struggling hard to provide the basic wants.

If at all one needs to hunt for success wealth don’t matter at all. There are many poor kids who have proven over this fact. Many people have made small beginnings a big life.

I remember these words from Mr. Steve Jobs, Stay Hungry and stay foolish. This quote is not only good for entrepreneurs, but I personally feel when you’re hungry, you tend to work hard to quench your hungry, whether it’s for food, clothes and shelter or highs in career.

Wealthy parents can afford a better home, cars, expensive clothes, best schools, colleges. But a poor family can’t afford the decent or good of these so easily. So considering few of these factors with rich and poor parents will children make a successful carrier?

Do you agree- It’s easy for the rich kids to make a successful carrier?

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