Celebrities or Sports icons – Which of these entertainment sector stars has short career span?

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26 Jun, 2017
Entertainment sector stars has short career span
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Entertainment sectors have no end! But entertainment sector stars has short career span. We all love watching star on live shows, movies, soap operas etc. With the lovable outfits, acting, glamour they entertain a lot.

In between all this did you ever think of a career lifespan of a celebrity or a sport star? We all love watching them with the amount of hard work, practice they put in to build, shape and develop skill to make a career.

After all these struggles most of these shine for few years. Now the question is among the sport star and actor who has better career span? As they are on similar track!

Say for example in Film industry –In Bollywood the career span of actresses is half of the actors. In last few decades we have seen different Bollywood queens, from Sridevi to Mahudri Dixit, during the end of their phase came Deepika and Priyanka.

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Down the line these lead actors keep changing as their age and glamour matter. Most of them prefer young heroines; to some extent actors have a bit more time to rule the box office.

Every 5 year or plus our actors are powerless to stay in the industry. Fact is that in both sports and film age matters, entertainment sector stars has short career span depending on age Well in sports the physic, stamina counts.

Film industry goes with beauty and glamour but somewhere both the paths have a side lapped roles. For an actor a smaller role, for a sportsperson as a coach provided they are well known, recognized and willing to work for half of it on what they earned.

Their career role either changes or ends completely right after the young age: For example actor Suhasini, Suma latha where queens of Kannada industry during 90’s has the age increased they are shifted to other roles such as mother, in laws etc based on age criteria.

The hand few actors disappear right after their career age rules out. They are either seen on small screens or have no roles in the movies.

Some ladies in the industry are phased out because they are no longer younger with the perfect abs or wrinkles free. As we are more focused on size zero ideas, some women are lucky to keep their age glamour little longer to stay.

So what is their career span? Approximately 35+ years, as we all are youth mad society directors are less inclined to take risk it’s hard to say the obsession will end but we can’t count on the industry span.

Let’s speak about sports a professional athlete may earn better throughout the career. But eventually they run out of money once they stop playing.

For example an average career span of a NFL player is 4 years, some football and cricket players might be there for longer time. For physically demanding sports like football it is as young as 28. What comes next is difficult to decide in this case.

They spend all their life focused on becoming a good player, now how can they think of doing something else? In reality they kind of die when they stop playing. They make a living at early 25 but how about another 40 years of life? Some of these professionals are bankrupt, divorced or unemployed for years after leaving the game, when it’s over they need to have different plan.

One way they built their future after the career span as coach, as sports is based on physic, fitness, stamina nobody can escape from these natural phenomenons. Some people build a successful business or institution to make a living. Some remain depending!

Both the sectors require shifting skills of expertise to the field of other workplace however that’s not the case for everyone. No matter what the career span is one needs to plan out a long-term career or some other means to lead a life because they are more then athletes or an actor.

Celebrities have more career span chances compared to sport stars?

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