Student & teacher interaction should be monitored – CCTV must in all classrooms!

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19 May, 2017
CCTV Camera in Classrooms
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Some people adverse the uses of cameras in school classrooms while others are for the practice. Some people feel CCTV cameras regulate student’s behavior and monitor teacher’s performance. While others feel they kind of disturb the privacy of the child and teacher.

Well some feel it can make students conscious on their attitudes, behavior and actions to act responsibly in classrooms. On the other hand there is no real evidence that camera can improve student’s behaviors.

In this case why do we even need a class monitor, when will students learn to behave on the basis of their own ability? Rather than teaching them how to behave being watched and monitoring under camera make any difference.

Moreover this kind of surveillance indicates lack of trust between students and teachers. It can destroy the relationship between students and teachers. For a crucial and effective learning one should have no restrictions. Can the authorities redress issues without audio?

Yes! It can stop events and have restrictions. For example: include mass shootings in Newtown, camera surveillance could help catch the perpetrators. It can kind of help people keep away from situation.

Adding camera in classrooms would help assisting the problem before it gets out of control. They don’t have to be taught on restrictions or the way the child is advised which is argumental on both the positive and negative approach seems like question remains unsolved.

The prior responsibility of a teacher is to monitor student’s behavior, guide and make understand the plight of a child. In some case security camera can install fear to interact, speak and move freely. Students feel everything is watched and they better try staying quiet over having fun filled day.

School is the only time phase for kids to bond with each other and learn things without fear. In case of camera the connection between the teacher and student is destroyed.

The word Guru in Sanskrit is termed as someone which is a “teacher, master, expert or guide” who has master in a subject or field, traditionally a reverential figure to the student. Traditionally in India Teacher is highly regarded with respect, considered a figure to worship and whose instructions should never be violated. In today’s modern world the values and behaviors towards teachers or parents are gradually fading away.

Of late we have come across teacher misbehaving with girl students. And this is happening because of some bad quack incapable teacher misbehaving with students, such incidents would leave a bad impact on student’s mind regards to that teacher and also this would create fear among the parents and society.

Of course, teaching is noble professional and most of teachers are highly regarded, only such quack and incapable teacher are black stop. Can installing CCTV cameras in schools will solve such problems?

Though some people feel that CCTV must be used carefully to solve issues, but at the same time they shouldn’t constantly surveillance people on their day today activities, how can both not co exist?

CCTV at school is good things Yes or NO?

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