Should Caste Based Reservation exist in India !

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24 May, 2017
Should cast based Reservation Exist
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Can there be a reform on Reservation. We live in a country that has a gifted democracy to us. Our country hints on providing complete freedom in an equitable manner. However today there are many roadblocks to this equality under the reservation system.

India is facing the biggest challenge on reservation system. The biggest question is that will this reservation system really help the oppressed? At the current situation it clearly depicts that the lower castes are still discriminated. Off course to uproot casteism we have to fight the reservation system that can lead towards development, quality and unity.

Though the concept of reservation system finds its origin based on old caste system. The caste system that was meant to divide people on basis of occupation but soon this became a procedure to divide the society on caste basis, blocking different sections of the society. Today we all are divided into Hindu, Muslim, SC, ST and OBCs with newer reservations coming for different sections.

Firstly one needs to question out this will the reservation system divide the society leading to discrimination and conflicts between the different sections. It is harsh and does not find its basis in casteism.

As per the government policy, about 15% of the government jobs and 15% for the students of Scheduled castes and for the Scheduled tribes admitted to universities- there is a reservation of about 7.5 %. Apart from this, state governments follow their own reservation policies based on the population of each state. So nearly 50% seats are reserved.

In this case shouldn’t the determinants like poverty, occupation, income, place of living can be taken into consideration. What is so surprising is that, how the term backward class is defined- but means to say reservation friendly. What actually make up a backward class? What are the factors that make a backward class? All these questions remain unanswered.

There are many economically worse children from the forward classes too but they cannot enjoy reservation merely by caste based division. In this case shouldn’t reservation be on the basis of economical conditions.

To remove these kind of sub divisions and the problem faced by the backward classes we do require some help but only under the equality basis today some are capable economically and so instead of caste reservation equality is most important.

Instead shouldn’t education become mandatory and free for all till the age of 15, shouldn’t it be on economic status, shouldn’t students be able to earn while they study.

Fair and just reservation can uplift the people with the poor condition, those who lack basic needs. Shouldn’t the process be filtered on truly economically deprives people

However caste based reservation or religion bases reservation should act as an aid to people who deserve it and improve employment opportunities instead. This can successfully remove caste discrimination and equally unite economically poor by helping, irrespective of caste.


Do you agree- Instead of biased caste reservation- aid on economic status is better

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