Why contestants join Big Boss what benefits do viewers get watching Big Boss?

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10 Oct, 2017
Why contestants join Big Boss what benefits do viewers get watching Big Boss?
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What makes the Big Boss contestants agree to get locked inside the Big Boss house and share the common roof with strangers for months with the complete isolation? Why does someone even love to get spying on them? Perhaps the Indian version of Big Boss has become a household name in the country. It’s one of the most watched reality TV show.

The show is branching through all the Indian languages. The show is hosted by prominent personalities like Salman Khan in Hindi and Sudeep in Kannada. The hunk of these actors has now become the face of the show. People across all the age groups are intrigued to follow the show.

The Big Boss Kannada show will be aired from October first week. The episode is all set, to begin with, the new concept.

The task of staying with strangers in the same house isn’t easy. Lifestyle, habits, food, temperament, attitudes, age vary. Hence this show is exactly meant to test the true character of a person. Emotional outbursts, violation, fist fight have become common in the show.

There are groups that conspire against each other. There are groups that make that create better bonds, well others create conflicts.

The show kind of evaluates the contestant’s ability to deal with the hardship, survival instincts in order to emerge victoriously. What casts positivity is the way contestants deal with the situation. Abuses and violence are used to overpower them for winning a task. This nullifies the very purpose of the task making it look terrible.

One of the negative aspects of this show is that contestants go aboard and show affection for their fellow-inmates on national television. Sometimes contestants indulge in some cross limits which are not acceptable for general viewing. There are too many hugs and kisses which can spoil the essence of relationships between men and women.

The concept of Big Boss isn’t a bad idea. It helps people to self-discovery and emerge as better individuals but instead of celebrities why can’t we have common people in?

It builds a platform to be a friend to a stranger, builds new relationships and respects the differences of others. The show also unleashes the complexities of lives that people live.

“Happiness is not the absence of problems; it’s the ability to deal with them,” the quote by Steve Maraboli best suits the show.

One of the reasons people tend to react in a different way is probably because to endure hardships. This is what we see on this show. Contestants are seen and are manipulated in order to get things done to their advantage. By doing this some try to cover-up their inability to make sure that things fall in place elegantly.

Most of us fail to adopt the changing situations at times we have to follow the concept of fittest to survive! So is Big Boss wroth the watch beyond all the cat-fights and watch someone else for no benefit.

Is there any benefits of watching big boss?

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