Are bad Children out of bad Parenting – Yes or No?

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23 May, 2017
Are bad Children out of bad Parenting
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It’s so sad that parents often get blamed when children go off the track- either kid, teenagers, adults the blame game never stops. Are bad Children out of bad Parenting?

There are many factors that make children bad. At the very first stages children’s are exposed to parents. Off course no parents wish to see their kids grow bad or some body point them as bad children. May be few facts relate on bad parenting I agree. For say- if your child has a poor self esteem you advice them more instead of encouraging.

In reality, children spend less time with parents, as they are at school or at play. When they grow up they have colleagues. So now how can we blame parents?

As kids, are exposed more with the peer group. Most of their activities are dependent on kind of exposures. If a child gets into a bad group no wonder what nobody can change that? They smoke, drink, do drugs. We don’t blame parents because parents can’t be around them. Parents can’t be blamed on that.

Most of the parents have no bad intentions towards their children, all they do is protect them and love. Why would parents monitor to see their kids grow as hooligans?

Parents neither teach them to smoke or to do drug nor are they exposed their kids to such situations, it’s the mere fact that kids either learn through groups or through media.

Yes! In some scenario some children have turned bad compared to their siblings yet parents are concerned. Somehow the way parent’s nature too takes some bad habits. What seems to be good to parents are good to kids at the tender age at the same time parents fail on nursing at the right way some can indulge in loneliness, depression taking kids on wrong tracks.

Not that parent have to restrict them but the role of a parent begins at the first stage to make the child understand on right and wrong if not that at least listen up on what a parent say. Infact today issues are dealt in different ways compared to the ancient times.

Today’s lifestyle has changed on the way kids are brought up, with all the busy schedules parents hardly have time for kids to run around to check what they are up to – that is when kids find their own styles and groups to make time on. They hardly have time to spend on speaking to parents that is when peer groups come in – either of them know on what is right or wrong.

Before blaming parents for raising a child either in good or bad ways one should remember there are no bad children it’s all depends on the child’s surroundings. Child’s growth depends on the exposure of good and bad atmosphere, groups and situation based on these factor either takes the child to be good or bad.

Do you agree- its surroundings that create a bad child not the parents?

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