Alternative Energy should replace Fossil Fuels – Agree or Disagree

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07 Nov, 2017
Alternative Energy should replace Fossil Fuels
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Can alternative energy sources like biofuels, geothermal or nuclear energy meet energy demands better than fossil fuels such as oil and coal? Some argue that fossil fuels are inefficient as they cause environmental destruction. In fact, it’s said that fossil fuels are the primary contributor to climatic change and deforestation effects.

Alternative energy can replace an even small portion of power provided by fossil fuels. Fossil fuels last for hundreds of years whatever they still remain as the most economical choice. Most of us know that fossil fuels are more technological, but one shouldn’t deny that fossil fuels are changing the environmental conditions.

Alternative energy, such as solar energy and wind energy can stop burning fossil fuels for needs. Yet in one way it can’t replace fossil fuels because it may not have the infrastructure to support.

Alternative energy products if you drive somewhere you put gasoline. Case in point even electric vehicles produce no emission. Alternative energy needs to get more advanced in terms of producing energy. They are more dependent on environmental conditions like say wind energy and solar energy.

To some extend renewable energy has to come through other alternatives too. One can’t depend to run power depending on climatic conditions (alternative resources). Another possible way is using both the sources efficiently. In that way there is no much of harm to the environment, excessive use of energy can be depleted.

On the other side, plenty of natural resources can be used say there are solar, wind and other alternative sources to use power. But the efficiencies of those products are nowhere next to fossil fuels.

Why isn’t alternative energy so effective? What stops the use of alternative energy? The fact is that renewable energy requires technology more than the resources. They are more expensive to produce as a result new technology has to be introduced because there is no scale of production available without technology. It takes a long time.

Fossil fuels are finite, unlike alternative sources. One day it may disappear completely. That is why alternative energy is valuable in order to replace fossil fuels but then it requires substantial developments. Only then can alternative energy replace fossil fuels.

Alternative Energy should replace Fossil Fuels - Agree or Disagree

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