Advertising swoon Women in Media – Way to objectifying?

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13 May, 2017
Advertising Swoon Women in Media
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Advertising exactly prove this right. Women are told to look like women the logic remains the same from the early age. They aim on perfect skin, body, hair, incredible shapes and curves.

As the entertainment media is booming. Some media platforms are flourishing the talents of many individuals. Infact women to are part of this aspect. We have lots of women successfully shine in the industry.

But how are women actually treated in the main stream media? Watch a movie, music or advertisement there is a strong focus attributing women as a sexual object.

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The issue is absolutely based on the content types regarding how a woman is used to sell the products, like involving more viewers to buy them. Women are used as a product of hours on deodorants, soaps and shampoos, fairness creams hair oil including men’s products.

More than product advertisement, glorifying women wear and body image strives to imitate that’s how women are represented on some ads. Do we need women in bikini to sell vacation packages or deals.

Entertainment media today is objectifying women highly creating social stereotypes between men and women.
Infact most of the ads are obsessed with perfection to sell products using women to claim to help them to achieve the goal set by the industry.

Some ads are completely pointlessness. You cannot have woman exist only in Photoshop nor can she become a women whose body and legs that are created on the modern software. Instead of all those perfect glamour logic women deserves better representations.

However some kinds of ads still appear as they persistent to still work. Will we wake up from the outdated, stereotypical portrayal of women in advertising? Women who is used for selling everything from cars to deodorant to food and even cement? Everything and anything in the pointless ways?

Do you agree women are used for irrelevantly ads as an object?

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1 thought on “Advertising swoon Women in Media – Way to objectifying?”

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